As the temperature rises and spring gets in full swing, it is a good idea to get prepared for road trips, more frequent driving, or even that epic summer vacation that’s only a few months away.

Do you want to save money and get a little exercise in the process?  Try some DIY maintenance – the best time to start is right now! After the winter months, your car needs a breath of fresh air, and with all this COVID-19 quarantine stuff you do too!

Wash and wax. Some winters may seem longer and colder than others, and may come with salt, slush, ice, and snow, Give the underside of your car some special attention. Check for rust or any loose parts.


Fluid checks. Bring in the spring season with fluid checks, missing this small step serves as an invite for bigger problems during hot summer months. Make sure your brake fluid, coolant, oil, and transmission fluid are all at maximum capacity.

Change your windshield wipers. Check your wiper blades for cracks and stiffness, you may need new wiper blades for springtime showers.

Battery voltage check.  Stop by part stores like AutoZone or see your local mechanic and get a battery load test to make sure the battery survived the winter, and is charged, and ready for spring.

Inspect air filter. A clogged air filter will impact engine performance. It is simple and in expensive to change your air filter (costs around $10 – $15). The most important part is a dirty air filter, which can reduce gas mileage up to 10%.

Tire maintenance. Use the recommended pressure range, typically 30-32 psi for your tires. Check your tires for specifics under different road and weather conditions also ensure your treads are not worn and, remove winter tires, use all-season tires for the spring through autumn.

Interior.  Clean your interior, vacuum the carpet thoroughly

If you stored your car throughout the winter, check for moisture, dead insects, rodent dropping, etc.

Hang a nice air freshener in your car, and make sure your car stereo works, it’s time to take your first springtime spin.