Life has changed as we know it since the COVID-19 pandemic,so it is safe to say that the way we purchase cars have also changed as the pandemic continues.

Some factors  besides precautions to keep everyone safe, such as low used car inventory and cheap financing, have changed the way prospective car owners shop for the car they want.

Here are a few ways you can find the vehicle you want:


  1. Be decisive,and act quickly:

If you find the year, make and model of the car you are looking for at a fair price, contact the dealership and make arrangements to safely view the car.


  1. Cast your net,  far and wide:

Browse car dealerships out of your local area. You may have to go the extra mile to  an out of town dealership to test drive the car you want due to low used car inventories.


  1. Don’t be rigid with your choices, be flexible

Consider similar cars across different automotive brands, so you have more cars to choose from. Be flexible when it comes to the color of the car, and upgrade options. This will put you in a position to negotiate since you are not getting exactly the car you want. Ask  for a decrease in price, you won’t know the answer if you don’t ask.


  1. Choose value over discounts.

Shop for cars that have value in luxury options and low milage. The price may not be the ideal price you’re looking for, but if it’s a good deal in terms of value, you should make the purchase, The used car inventory is low and it may not be there next week.


  1. Do your homework, be patient

Compare prices, inventory and the choices of cars yo u want to purchase over a 5- 10 day period. If what you want isn’t there at a decent price, wait. The inventory should increase in late summer and fall as automotive production increases


  1. 6. Get a pre- purchase Inspection by a reputable auto repair shop. DON’T DO IT YOURSELF

This is the last tip, however I consider it the most important one, and I am writing from a recent experience I had.

I purchased a used truck without a Pre-Purchase Inspection, which I never do. However, there was another buyer at the dealership who wanted the same truck. I test drove the truck, looked it over and purchased the truck. A few months later when I got my brakes serviced, the mechanic told me I would have long term mechanical issues. I bought an aftermarket repair policy to assist  me with upcoming repairs, and a year later, during the pandemic, the transmission failed.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection  is very important and is an absolute necessity so car buyers can validate that they are making the right purchase