Preventative Maintenance is Required for Safety and Longevity

As the average age of the car on the road increases to 11.5 yrs. old, it seems that we are all keeping our cars longer, so preventative maintenance is needed in order to cope with safety with longevity.

A preventative maintenance plan for your vehicle may minimize the chances of a roadside breakdown and also assist with the efficiency, and reliability of the vehicle. The most common maintenance performed are checking the oil, filters, and fluids, belts, and hoses, timing,  brakes, tires, and air conditioning.

You should also browse through the Car Care Guide created by the Car Care Council to a fully customized maintenance plan, use Car Smart People to connect you with a highly-skilled, certified mechanic who will do a comprehensive review of your vehicle.

As a car owner, knowing the maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle can increase the longevity and resale value of your vehicle. Buying a new car can be expensive and very often, unnecessary. Get the most out of your vehicle for years to come by getting preventive maintenance at the recommended interval.